the Barnes Walis building

Some of our rehearsals take place in the Barnes Wallis building, which is on the North Campus of The University of Manchester. If you're not sure how to get to Campus, look on the campus map where Barnes Wallis is numbered '9', or get custom directions from Google maps. If you need a postcode for SatNav, use M1 3NL.

The Barnes Wallis building can be reached as follows:

By Bus

Travelling by bus from South Manchester, either up Wilmslow Road / Oxford Road or Upper Brook Street.
Get off the bus at the pile of rubble that used to be the BBC - ask the driver to give you a shout if you're not sure, but it is fairly obvious! Walk along Charles Street, at the north side of the demolition site, crossing over Princess Street. Follow the slight kink at the end, and you find yourself on the North Campus. In front of you is the Paper Science Department (with a large envelope on the front), and behind that is the Renold Building. Next to the Renold Building is the Barnes Wallis Building.

By Train

The two nearest stations are Manchester Oxford Road and Manchester Piccadilly - in fact to get between them you go through the North Campus and right past the Barnes Wallis Building.

From Oxford Road

Get off the train at Oxford Road station, and walk down the station approach road to the traffic lights. Turn hard right, and walk down Oxford Road under the railway bridge, keeping the Palace Hotel on your left, until the next set of traffic lights. On your left is the HSBC and opposite that, the BBC - turn left down Charles Street, then follow the 'By Bus' directions, above.

From Piccadilly Station

Leave Piccadilly by the Fairfield Street Entrance, and cross the junction to be beside the Bull's Head pub. Turn left and go under the railway bridge, and immediately turn right, following the railway viaduct past the Optometry department. You'll pass two large red magnets (it's art....) and then turn left down some steps. The Barnes Wallis Building is in front of you.

Finding the rehearsal in the Underground

We usually meet in the Underground ", which is downstairs. To get to the Underground, use the stairs which are on your right as you go in, just after U-Print and before "Harry's Bar".

the Barnes Walis building