Were you in MUGSS or UGSS?

Do you want to find a way to stay in contact with the Society and other ex-members?

Then visit the Old Soaks web page! (Or send us an e-mail to oldsoaks@mugss.org)

Ah, memories....

Currently maintained by a very ad hoc arrangement of Penny Richards (London) and Alasdair King (Manchester), the Old Soaks website is an attempt to provide a general reference for MUGSS/UGSS – details of old shows, people, in-jokes – that might be of use or amusement to Old Soaks and current members. Since we're terribly lazy, this has so far only got as far as putting all the programme listings of people online, but hey, we've only been doing this seven years...

We are also gradually building up brief biographies of Old Soaks so have a look to find out what Soaks are doing now and what they did then. You might be surprised to find out what your old flame in the Second Tenors is up to these days!

More to the point, you may wish to find out about the next show or ask about people. We will email (or even send fliers) to UK Old Soaks in January each year for the upcoming show, and for the past few years have managed to have a very successful Old Soaks Lunches while the poor current members were grinding through the matinees.

Have a look and relive your misspent youth...

Mailing list

To help you keep in touch the Old Soaks have their own e-mail list. You can use our funky subscription form to join the list. Have a look at the mailing lists page to make use of it. The owner of the soaks list is Ben Robb – you can mail him with any questions or problems you may have.