The Set Store (or Arch, as it's commonly known) is where the set and props are built and stored, and where you will find the crew on a Wednesday evening and most Saturdays.

It is located beneath the blue dot on the map below, just off the access road from Sackville Street. (N.B. "UMIST Main Building" is now called "Sackville Street Building")

To get there, come out of the North Campus Student Union (Barnes Wallis Building) and turn right. When you get to the road that runs through the North Campus, the arch is in front of you, slightly to your left, below the white bridge. Alternatively, turn right out of the Renold Building, and walk along to the steps down to the Student Union. As you cross the bridge over the road, the arch is below you to your left. If you need directions to the North Campus, have a look at the directions on the University's website.

A map of the North Campus, showing the location of the Arch.

Set building sessions are usually announced on the crew mailing list

The Set Store is looked after by your friendly Set Store Manager, who can be contacted at, with any helpful suggestions or comments you may have.