2016 Shows

This year, MUGSS are returning with not one, but two shows!

Our first show is Zanna Don't! A Musical Fairy Tale:

Set in a parallel universe where homosexuality is the norm and heterosexuality is a taboo, ‘Zanna, Don’t!’, by Tim Acito and Alexander Dinelaris, is a dazzling musical comedy set in mid-west America. At the heterophobic Heartsville High, Zanna, the school's matchmaker, is busy bringing together happy couples, when two students begin to discover unexpected feelings for each other.

So, guys grab your guy, girls grab your girl and head on down to Heartsville for the campest, most glittering love story you’re ever likely to see!

But Wait, There's More!

Then, in late March, we'll be taking you down to deepest, darkest Cornwall with our version of Pirates of Penzance! A full synopsis can be found here.

Stay tuned for more information

Hosted by CompSoc Manchester