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Iolanthe (1964)

or The Peer and The Peri

Performed at: Renold Theatre, UMIST


The Lord Chancellor
Clifford M. Crewe
Earl of Mountararat
Micheal Foley
Earl Tolloller
Brian Harding
Private Willis (of the Grenadier Guards)
David Cocker
Strephon (a Shepherd)
Ian K. Price
Queen of the Fairies
Lesley Iveson
Iolanthe (a fairy, Strephon's mother)
Pamela M. Barker
Celia (a fairy)
Margaret Hesselgreaves
Leila (a fairy)
Diana A. Roberts
Fleta (a fairy)
Paddy Wickett
Phyllis (a ward in Chancery)
Margaret Broadhurst
Sonja Kristiansen
Chorus of Fairies
Claire Beresford, Francess Collins, Shirley Convy, Janice Golder, Judy Iddon, Susan Jaynes, Denise Johnson, Elizabeth King, Noreen Malloy, Margaret Mather, Janet McGregor, Wendy McHugh, Sheila O'Brien, Pamela Redmore, Sylvia Renshaw, Patricia Richards, Jane Stiles, Sarah Smith, Ann Street, Judith Wardle, Shirley Weston
Chorus of Peers
J.Atkinson, A. Blair, J. Browne, D. Butler, D. A. Clough, D. Crouch, T. Daniels, P. Fawcett, C. Fox, J. Greene, P. Gregory, A. Guymer, P. Gopsill, D. Hall, G. Hanley, J. O. K. Humphries, M. J. Langford, P. Moody, E. Philips, D. C. Pratt, P. J. Richards, R. Smith, B. Sorsby, H. Totty, M. Walters, T. Wagg, M. Wanklyn, T. Whittaker


Clifford Walker
Musical Director
David Garforth
Stage Director
John Cobb
House Manager
Neville J. Mason
Kathleen Coles
Chorus Master
Brian Harding
Dennis King
Margaret Horsman
Margaret Broadhurst, Judith A. Williams, Paddy Wickett, Gaye Fawcett, David H. Mason
Business Manager
David C. Pratt
Diana A. Roberts
Gentlemen's Costumes
S. B. Watts and Co
Ladies' Costumes
Diana A. Roberts


ACT I - An Arcadian Landscape
ACT II - Palace Yard, Westminster
The Society would like to make acknowledgement to Miss Bridget D'Oyly Carte for the two original songs and dialogue by W.S. Gilbert. We would like to thank the Manchester College of Science and Technology for the use of the Renold Theatre. In the interests of continuity there will be no encores during the performance.


Complete recordings of this show (and all from 1964 onwards) can be purchased on CD from our Society Archivist


Tom Wildern from (unknown source) said:

No-one, since the copyrights ran out, has so completely disregarded the traditional D'Oyly Carte form of presentation as Cliff Walker in this production for Manchester University Gilbert and Sullivan and Light Operatic Society at the Renold Theatre. Some of the changes in this new-look "Iolanthe" are dictated by the absence of scenery but most of them by a director with an original turn of mind. Thus we have modern dress with Phyllis in Cathy Gale leather skirt and kinky boots, and Strephon taking his seat in Parliament in bowler hat and morning suit with umbrella. There are two new-old songs. "My Bill is now being Read for the Second Time" was cut out after the New York premiere in 1882. The lyrics were found in the British Museum and Musical Director Garforth has written new music. It is all stimulating for the mainly student audiences which will pack the theatre for the rest of the week but in the over-all picture it is still Messrs Gilbert and Sullivan who shine through thanks to excellent work by a cast of 60. Best singer was Margaret Broadhurst as Phyllis and the player with the most authentic flair for a Savoy Opera character, Clifford Crewe as the Lord Chancellor..

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