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Susan Constant (1957)

or An Un-American Musical Play

Performed at: The Free Trade Hall


Night Watchman
Michael Ruddock
Degory Kempe (a ghost)
Iwan Davies
Jimmy the One (First Mate of the Susan Constant)
Geoffrey Furness
Stephen Lawrence (Captain of the Susan Constant)
Cyril Cowan
Dusty Miller (Member of the Crews)
David Woodcock
Spud Murphy (Member of the Crews)
Eric Baines
Ops (Member of the Crews)
David Leighton
Basher (Member of the Crews)
Ralph Sackett
Billy (the Cabin Boy)
Sheila Egan,
Bess (the Captain's Fiancee)
Wendy Blamire
Old Thatch (Leader of the Settlers)
Terry Davies
Meg (his Daughter)
Aileen Gill
Mistress Bender (a Settler)
Margaret Jinks
David Woodcock
First Mate
John Cule
Chorus of Settlers and Sailors
Janice Allsop, Elizabeth Anderton, Christine Baron, Joan Beetham, Jillian Bamfield, Anne Bird, Lorna Branston, Ann Collett, Norah Crewe, Majorie Dixon, Patricia Emmett, Virgina Harvey, Patricia Houghton, Christine Lees, Anne Mayor, Caroline Smith, Norma Spooner, Barbara Underhill, Anne Catlow, Wendy Davies, Jean Fowler, Gloria Hoey, Sheila Hughes, Margaret Jinks, Sheila Megson, Jennifer Sims-Williams, Pauline Smith, Jennifter Ranby, M. Berriman, D. Leighton, J. Ogden, R. Prescott, R. Sackett, A. Starkey, A. Wilding, E. Baines, G. Barrow, M. Baumber, D. Beames, R. Chronnell, A. Davenport, D. Riley, E. Southern, A. Teague, D. Woodcock, D. Wooley


The producer wishes to acknowledge the invaluable assistance given by Mr G. Whalley, the resident Manager of the Free Trade Hall and his assistant Mr R. O'Neil
Play Producer
John Crowther
Musical Director
Norman Spooner,
Production Assistant
Bob Duncan
David Ellis,
Settings and Costumes
Tim Harvey
Stage Manager
Michael Imrie
Pamela Ward, June Cooke
Leslie Schulfer
Joyce Harris


Book and Lyrics by

Tom Egan

Music by

David Ellis and Norman Spooner


In May 1607, just over three hundred and fifty years ago, three ships set sail from England taking English speaking settlers to America. The ships were called "Discovery", "Godspeed" and "SUSAN CONSTANT".


The action of hte play takes place on board the "Susan Constant" in port and at sea. The scene is the upper deck of the vessel, looking aft.
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