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The Pirates of Penzance (1954)

or The Slave of Duty

Performed at: The Arthur Worthington Hall


Major General Stanley
Jeffrey Schofield
The Pirate King
Keith Butteriss
Samuel (his Lieutenant)
Roger Flinn
Frederick (the Pirate Apprentice)
Michael Balman
Sergeant of Police
Geoffrey Furness
Mabel (General Stanley's Daughter)
Jessie Grundy
Edith (General Stanley's Daughter)
Sheila Fletcher
Kate (General Stanley's Daughter)
Margaret Jinks
Isabel (General Stanley's Daughter)
Christine Maden
Ruth (A Pirate Maid of all Work)
Josephine Bowers
Chorus of Pirates and Police
M.L. Baumber, J. Buckles, A. Caunt, D.H. Graham, D.S. Hetherington, P.R. Holroyd, W.H.C. Kingston, G.A. McCormick, C.G. Millin, F.W. Pate, M.S. Ruddock, K. Sansom, J.G. Shepley, B.M. Willett, A. Wilson, J.K. Wood
Chorus of General Stanley's Daughters
Mary Arnold, Maureen Casey, Anne Chadwick, Dawn Clifford, Jean Fowler, Sheila Hudson, Betty Hughes, Nettie John, Brigid Kerr, Violet Lydon, Rose McConnon, Susan Paget, Joan Pickles, Gwyneth Roberts, Rosemary Teague, Pamela Thompson


Stage Director
George Chivers
Musical Director
Norman Spooner
Brian Heath, Donald Higham
Stage Manager
Austin Crowe
Scenic Design
Austin Crowe
Assistant Stage Manager
Roy Swinburne
William Dunn
Business Manager
Alan Wilson
House Manager
Colin Faulkner



The Society and Committee wish to tender their thanks to the Arthur Worthington Hall Committee and all others who have helped, in any way, this production.


Costumes by S.B. Watts & Co., Manchester

Programme information

(by permission of Bridget D'Oyly Carte)



Dates of performance

Tuesday January 26th, Wednesday January 27th, Thursday January 28th, Friday January 29th, Saturday January 30th at 7.30 p.m.
Hosted by CompSoc Manchester