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The Gondoliers (1952)

Performed at: The Arthur Worthington Hall


Duke of Plaza Toro (a Grandee of Spain)
Geoffrey Furness
Luiz (his attendant)
John Posnett
Don Alhambra del Bolero (the Grand Inquisitor)
Keith Butteriss
Marco Palmieri (Gondolieri)
Michael Balman
Guiseppe Palmieri (Gondolieri)
Eric Foley
Antonio (Gondolieri)
David Bentley
Francesco (Gondolieri)
Austin Crowe
Giorgio (Gondolieri)
George Chivers
Annibale (Gondolieri)
Arthur Norman
Duchess of Plaza Toro
Mary Alletson
Casilda (her daughter)
Lenora Taberner
Gianetta (Contadine)
Jessie Grundy
Tessa (Contadine)
Eileen Champ
Fiametta (Contadine)
Isabel Lagan
Vittoria (Contadine)
Barbara Horrocks
Giulia (Contadine)
Margaret Jinks
Inez (the King's Foster Mother)
Josephine Bowers
Chorus of Contadine
Katherine Brown, Winifred Dawson, Dawn Clifford, Joy Dixon, Marie Garnett, Brigid Kerr, Norah Todd, Molly Venables, Shirley Bond, Isabel Brooks, Marion Davies, Hilary Dobson, Jean Johnson, Anne Mills.
R. Abbott, D. G. Grahame, R. Lewis, N. Noble, P. Robinson, A. Shaw, A Caunt, A. Fisher, K. Herbert, R. Travis.


Stage Direction
John E. Crowther
Musical Direction
Norman Spooner
Keith Burrows
Stage Manager
Brian Phythian
Derek Anderton
Sara Jervis
William Dunn
Business Manager
George Chivers
House Manager
Colin Faulkner


by permission of Bridget D'Oyly Carte


Wednesday March 12th
Thursday March 13th
Friday March 14th
Saturday March 15th
at 7-0 p.m.


Act I
Venice (1750)
Act II
Pavilion in the Palace of Barataria
(Three months later)
Costumes by S. B. WATTS & Co., Manchester
The Society and Committee wish to tender their thanks to the Arthur Worthington Hall Committee and all others who have helped, in any way, this production.
Hosted by CompSoc Manchester