Audience Comments

I came to see the show on Saturday evening, it was "BRILLIANT". I am not a great G&S fan but after seeing Pirates last year by MUGSS I was converted. The whole of the cast where just electric, many thanks for a wonderful performance, eagerly waiting for the next production.
- Raoul

Was at the last night on Saturday - what a brilliant performance - congratulations and thanks to everyone on stage and behind stage.
Jack Point and Elsie were outstanding - and everyone was with them, whether as soloists or chorus. I loved the quirky, off beat setting a la Tim Burton which worked very well.
Came to The Pirates last year - glad I came again this year - and look forward to H.M.S. Pinafore next year.
Many many thanks for all the energy, expertise and gifts the MUGSS displays.
- Michael

Hearty congratulations on your 60th anniversary, and many Happy Returns!
In the 1950's you brought a great deal of happiness into my life when you invited children from local Children's homes to your dress rehearsals. I was at St Joseph's Home in Patricroft from 1950 to 1960 and a highlight of my year was our annual trip to your productions. You sparked in me a love of G&S which has burned undimmed for sixty years.
Heartfelt Thanks,
- David

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