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Ian Field and Grahame Jebb

Pirates is Grahame and Ian's directorial debut and they are most heartily looking forward to getting underway. The two have been around MUGSS for some time (the rumours have it at 12 and 7 years respectively) and both bring different experiences to the directorial team.

Grahame has undertaken numerous production roles for previous MUGSS shows and has rightfully gained a reputation for technical wizardry through creating his "specials" - of which a 7ft tall golden elephant in the most infamous.

Ian has spent his time in MUGSS in front of the footlights and played the title role in The Mikado in 2007 (riding upon Grahame's golden elephant). Ian has gained the reputation of a 'coarse actor' (a member of the chorus who presence is seen by all) and hopes to diffuse his hamming skills to the cast!

Grahame and Ian are delighted to be given this opportunity, hope that everyone will enjoy being a part of show and that we shall make Pirates the best production that MUGSS have ever done!


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