Here are some notes on Ross's thoughts for The Sorcerer 2009:

Why Gilbert & Sullivan works:

Gilbert & Sullivan were wildly popular in their own time and today are still widely performed by amateur and professional groups. Their songs continue to turn up in places as diverse as episodes of "The Muppet Show", "The Simpsons" and "Star Trek".
Although now over a century old, the works of G&S are as fresh and sparkling today as when they were written. Gilbert may have chosen specific aspects of Victorian society for his satire, but his wit is as relevant now as it ever was. It transposes to other settings because the characters are so well constructed and eccentric. Gilbert was reacting to the popular culture of the day and that is how I want to react with my version. Their characters are usually trying to negotiate their place in society. Such is a theme that can translate rather easily from century to century. And since England still carries a very strong class consciousness, the underlying critiques G&S offered are still relevant.

How this production will work:

This production of The Sorcerer will be a Disney-like comical characture of love exposed to its unpredictable reality. Fun is my primary objective - fun for the cast in rehearsal and performance, and fun for the audience. I shall be focussing on the love theme of the show.
A young couple, about to be married, decide to share their happiness with the whole village by hiring a sorcerer to make everyone fall in love using his magic potion. Naturally, this backfires...
This audience will be provided with a visual treat as the comical nature of the lover's plan unfolds amongst dancing demons, smoking teapots, and couples flirting in a water fountain.
There is scope to transpose G&S shows to different settings. This production will keep a similar setting and focus on drawing out the key elements that today's audience can enjoy. Although largely orthodox in it's delivery there are some aspects that will differ from the original script. Gilbert himself saw it fit to make a revised version and in my slight changes I aim to deliver a coherent production that will appeal to it's target audience, which varies from G&S die-hards to fresher students who have never heard of an operetta! I am confident my objectives are a true transposition of the writer's original objectives back in the late 20th century.

G&S are known for giving the chorus a more dramatic role in theatre and with the MUGSS chorus I am blessed with one of the largest, energetic and enthusiastic companies you will ever have the pleasure of seeing perform.
I intend to utilize this asset to its entirety and provide the audience with a cocktail of characters and some energetic choreography.

I hope you enjoy performing or watching my debut show.