Here are some notes on Will and Jen's thoughts for Iolanthe 2008:

Will and Jen see Iolanthe as a timeless classic with both great music and witty dialogue. They want to transport Iolanthe into 1960s Britain by visually updating it for a modern audience whilst keeping all the vibrancy of the show. The bright flower themed fairies and the bumbling archaic peers will continue to entertain as well as representing the spirit of the 1960s. The show will retain its host of wonderfully comic characters, and the satirical dialogue which has always made it such a success.

As well as the intimate love story continual throughout the show between Strephon and Phyllis. Both look forward to using the chorus extensively throughout the show and creating fun and fitting choreography.

As usual, MUGSS aims make full use of the large RNCM stage, and use it to both add depth to the characters and demonstrate the contrast between the modern and the old.

Jen and Will hope to see you when rehearsals start as you can be a part of this show by Joining MUGSS, or joining our audience list.