Jen and Will In the Directorial hot seat for Iolanthe we have Will Lindsay and Jen Petrie as Directors joining Justin Morley as Musical Director.

This will be Jen and Will's first experience of directing MUGSS, although both have a long history in the theatre and have been involved in MUGSS since their first year at Uni.

Will joined MUGSS in 2005. He has played Phantis in Utopia (2006) and Nanki Poo in the Mikado (2007) and was in the Jury in MUGSS' production of Rock Trial (2005). He is currently studying for a BA in Law and Politics at the University of Manchester.

Jen joined MUGSS in 2003. She was part of the chorus in Princess Ida (2004), Ruddigore (2005), Rock Trial (2005) and The Mikado (2007). She has also been involved in various crewing activities throughout her years in MUGSS and in 2007 held the post of Dance captain and assistant choreographer. Jen starts her PhD in Archaeology in September 2007.


Justin has had a long standing and varied association with Mugss. He joined as a tiny fresher in 1992, and since then has been on stage, in the crew, in the committee, in the band and he has MD'd.

He overacted ridiculously as Don Alhambra (Gondoliers, 1993), Jack Point (Yeomen 1994), Sir Ruthven/Robin (Ruddigore 1996), Captain Corcaran/an ugly old trout (Pinafore/Trial 2001), Scaphio (Utopia 2006).

He waved his baton for Pirates (2002), Ruddigore (2003), Bugsy Malone (2007) and Rock Trial(2005); the latter of which he also arranged.

He believes that there is no music in the world which will not benefit from the inclusion of distorted electric guitars.

He is friendly if approached, and normally quite drunk.