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"Thank you for a fantastic show last Friday. We wish we weren't so far away or we would see you more often".
Roger and Hazel Flinn (MUGSS 1953-1958, and 1956-1958).

"I definitely enjoyed the show. The principals were excellent - much better than your average amateur performance in some cases - and there were some very funny and imaginative touches. The entrance of the Mikado was a real spectacle."

Carolyn wrote to say " didn't think anything could top the last MUGSS production of the Mikado, with the Mikado arriving by helicopter etc etc but, by Jove, you've actually done it this time! Splendid performance, excellent singing, wonderful costumes and great ideas. Congratulations! Everyone came out smiling, it was a wonderful evening!
Looking forward to your next production - thanks for a great night out."

Michael said: What a great concept carried off so well! Wonderfully entertaining, the choreography was superb, and the singing was the best I think I've heard MUGSS do."

Cathryn wrote to say: "I really enjoyed the show on Saturday night - it's always such a pleasure to see MUGSS shows - there is such a sense of fun and enthusiasm about them. I thought that the costumes were particularly good."

Ben said to his friends in the society: "Fabulous production; really, really enjoyed it. Visually stunning, strong principals, some of the most synchronised chorus dances I've seen MUGSS produce, and generally great fun!"

Michael wrote to say: "as aficionados of G&S [we] were stunned by your production last Saturday. The choreography, costumes and the chorus were outstanding. The programme notes were very interesting and added to our enjoyment of the evening. "

Val enthused: "A thoroughly enjoyable show! Gorgeous costumes and absolutely loved the elephant! Looking forward to next year's production."

"Pooh-Bar rocks!" — Anne.

On our touring performance, Roger mailed us to say "My wife, my son and I, came to The Pavilion Gardens in Buxton to see your touring production yesterday. Please convey to the whole company our warmest congratulations for a most unusual and entertaining show. I am sorry I did nor see the full stage version in Manchester."

Colin let us know that "the show was excellent. I laughed till I was crying (literally and in a good way)! First class job by everyone!"

We also have reviews from Student Direct and Entertainment Manchester.

Utopia Limited Comments

Jean opened her email to us about the show with "Thank you for that lovely performance of Utopia on Saturday afternoon - I enjoyed it very much.".

"Congratulations on a great show! It was well worth the long journey from Kent and it's looking good that I'll be along next year, too!" said Drew.

Tony emailled his friend in the cast to say: "Congratulations on the show we found it to be a very entertaining colorful production with a strong cast of singers. We really enjoyed the whole evening"

Catherine got in touch to say "Congratulations on a really fantastic opening night last night!" ... "it was certainly worth our whirlwind trip up from London! The cast had a real air of enjoying what they were doing, and that's so important - it's what I really miss about doing grown up G&S nowadays. Seeing the smiley faces was a real joy. So congratulations - it's a show that's rarely done (with fairly good reason!) and you've made a real hit out of it. Oh, and to top it all, we won the pens in the raffle - what a perfect evening!"

Ruddigore Comments

Someone who saw Saturday night's show said: "A brilliant production! Not a step/note wrong, and what special effects! Amazing! Stunning! "

June and children said about Friday's performance: "Excellent show. Great effects 2nd half", "Great show. Loved the pirate guy", "Funny, cool", "I liked it when the ghosts came 2 life. V. funny".

Ken from Denton wrote to say: "Saw the show on Friday evening. What an excellent fun filled production! The enthusiasm of everyone involved shone through, Just to say thankyou for a wonderful two and a half hours entertainment."

Pete commented: "Fabulous show - terrific orchestra and soloists - really enjoyed it. Thanks everyone".

Our review in NODA NorthWest is available (PDF).

Isn't that great? What's more we're not related to any of them! So you're going to see a wonderfully musical, funny and great show. If you've read this far you need to book your tickets to come and experience it for yourself.

Impressive, huh? Maybe we'll see you at The Mikado...