Pirates 2001/02

front cover of the programme

The 2001 / 2002 season saw MUGSS' 7th production of the ever popular "Pirates of Penzance". This show was last performed in the 94/95 season, and an in-joke amongst the remaining members of that vintage said that Pirates 95 was the best year we ever had. In fact they've said this so much that it's now refered to as "the P show" or "the Cornish play" by many people to try and avoid further self congratulation....

(From the reviews we've seen so far, it's likely that this year's production will take over this mantle – with rave reviews from a diverse audience after the near disaster of a fire alarm during the opening night)

Pirates is an exciting romp of music, action, comedy and romance. It is universally acknowledged to be one of the most fun musicals of all time for cast and audience. Plans so far include cannon, a pirate ship, synchronised champagne cork popping, exciting facial hair, and most importantly great singing, acting and performing.

We were also very proud to announce that this year's matinee at UMIST was our first Signed performance. Click here for further details.