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MUGSS 1998

The Mikado



Nanki-Poo disguised son of the Mikado, in love with Yum-Yum
Joseph Hitchings
Pish-Tush A Noble Lord
Rob Prince
Pooh-Bah Lord High Everything Else of Titipu
Andrew Edmonstone
Ko-Ko Lord High Executioner of Titipu
Nick Elliot
Yum-Yum A ward of Ko-Ko, in love with Nanki-Poo
Lucy Bellingham
Peep-Bo A ward of Ko-Ko
Victoria Kerry
Pitti-Sing A ward of Ko-Ko
Samantha Dunbar / Penny Richards
Katisha An elderly Lady, in love with Nanki-Poo
Bethany Burrow
The Mikado of Japan Dan Morrish
Benjamin Howell


Sara Duncan
Sarah Hopper
Kate Kinnear
Hannah Lawrence
Amy Nunn
Penny Richards
Rachel Scott
Korede Senbanjo
Joanne Taylor
Faye Willingale
Aimee Ashbaugh
Isabella Barton
Julia Bevan
Anna Dilley
Elizabeth Francis
Nicola Ireland
Kate Stinchcombe
Helen Templar
Susanna Wilding
Maggie Barnard
Ron Haselgrove
Hannah Jones
James Lowther
Aurelien Marie
James McLaren
Peter Roberts
Amy Scourfield
Jim Symcox
Tim Vernon
Alix Beaumont
Louise Chastney
Tessa Evans
Vanina Filippi
Ruth Finlayson
Louisa Hartley
Elizabeth Holden
Sarah "Pan" King
Jane McConaghie
Caroline Pillet
Vicki Richer
Emma Skelley
Basses The Kick LineSecurity Guards
Dave Bolton
Matthew Callaghan
Paul Coley
Ian Davies
Jeremy Davis
Rob Fellows
Alasdair King
Matt Lees
Will O'Brien
Chris Randall
Jim Reay
Ben Robb
Bill Ryall
Timothy Simmons
Eli Verth
Aimee Ashbaugh
Maggie Barnard
Louise Chastney
Anna Dilley
Nicola Ireland
Hannah Jones
Sarah King
Kate Kinnear
Hannah Lawrence
Penny Richards
Emma Skelley
Joanne Taylor
Susanna Wilding
Jeremy Davis
Matt Lees
Jim Reay
Peter Roberts
Tim Vernon
Eli Verth


Chairman - Chris Randall Chairman - Helen Taylor
Treasurer - Will O'Brien Treasurer - Chris Drayton
Secretary - Kate Kinnear Secretary - Emma Flatters
Social Secretary - Rachel Scott
Publicity/Marketing - Amy Scourfield
Ordinaries - Tessa Evans
Rob Fellows
Kate Stinchcombe


Musical Director: Peter England Director: Nigel Machin
Production Manager: Keiran Taylor-Thomas Designer: Nigel Machin
Photography: Gareth Knight Keiran Taylor-Thomas
Lighting Designer: Simon Banks Wardrobe: Marianne Fleming
Stage Manager: Eliot Walker Tracey Lowe
Deputy Stage Manager: Jo Hughes Asst. Stage Managers: Mike Thomas
Ticket Sales: Caroline Marriott Andy Biggs
Technical Manager: Mark Boardman Costume Design: Michael Ginn
Choreographer: Nigel Machin Rehearsal Accompanist Mike Harris
Costume Team: Susanna Wilding Lighting: Dave Ball
Alasdair King Chris Lamb
Jane, Amy Asst. Production Manager Steve Smith
Asst. Technical Manager Chris Lamb Poster Design: Keiran Taylor-Thomas
Front of House Manager: Kate Stinchcombe Make Up: Elisabeth Castro
Advertising: Amy Scourfield and the Dwarves Chief Set Constructor: Richard Sullivan
Properties: Emma Flatters Video Effects: Mark Boardman
Programme Editor: Pete England Stage Crew and Set Team: Chris "Cattac" Drayton
Japanese Building Design: Oi-San Lu Alasdair "Twinkle" Ferro
Rehearsal Catering: Chris Drayton Emma Bradshaw
Orchestra: Manchester Musicals Group Orchestra "Cosmic" Dave Tildesley
Orchestra Leader: Suzanna Jordan Chris "Rufty" Hopkins
Front of House Team: Claire Capel Ben "Polo" Robb
Josephine Thompson Oi-San Lu
Andrea Gollings Rob Allen
George Dickey Andy "Too" Jagger
Ed Thorp Ed "Biggles" Pickering
Susan Ellis Jo "Nymph" Hughes
Alasdair King
Elaine Notyard
Stuart Holden
Rachel "Crew Ma-" Scott
Ed Thorp
Kate "No.2 Tart" Stinchcombe
Joe Dearsley
Claire "Saccharine" Capel
Kate Kinnear
Trav Obee
Josephine "Not tonight" Thompson
Emma West
Nick "Shifty"


Penny Richards took the role of Pitti-Sing on Thursday 12 March and at the matinee on Saturday.

Music (mp3)

Recordings provided courtesy of the marvellous Mike Harris.


The ubiquitous and quite made-up Mikado logo, a fake Japanese character that was on everything.
The programme cover