front cover of the programme

MUGSS 1997




The Lord Chancellor
Earl of Mountararat
Lord Tolloller
Private Willis (of the Grenadier Guards)
Strephon (an Arcadian shepherd)
Queen of the Fairies
Iolanthe (Strephon's Mother)
Celia (a fairy)
Leila (a fairy)
Fleta (a fairy)
Phyllis (an Arcadian shepherdess and Ward in Chancery)
Chris Randall
Will O'Brien
Sean Kerr
Richard Sullivan
Curtis Dobson
Richard Blight
Debbie Sischy
Lindsy O'Reilly
Penny Richards
Louise Carson
Katherine Redmond
Lucy Bates
Katherine Redmond
Hannah Dutton


Hannah Dutton
Ceri Foulkes
Rachel Hoare
Kate Kinnear
Emma Massey
Didou Mignot
Judy Stanley
Amanda Berry
Louise Chastney
Tessa Evans
Elizabeth Holden
Hannah "Muppet" Jones
Carol McKay
Sarah Pennington
Vicki Richer
Amy Scourfield
Rachel Scott
Kate Stinchcombe
Joanne Taylor
Julia Webb
Dave Bolton
Nick Elliot
Paul Flitcroft
Ron Haselgrove
James Lowther
Jim Symcox
Richard Blight
Paul Coley
Robert Fellows
Alasdair King
Stuart Johnson
Robert Lundie
Kieran Reynolds
William Ryall


Chair - Kieran Reynolds Chairman - Jeremy Davis
Treasurer - Joanne Taylor Treasurer - Claire Capel
Secretary - Hannah Dutton Secretary - Katherine Redmond
Social Secretary - Faye Willingale
Marketing - Steph Tinsley
Ordinaries - Lindsy O'Reilly
Stuart Johnson
Tim Simmons


Musical Director: Ian Christensen Director: Judith Tonner
Production Manager: Keiran Taylor-Thomas Designer: Susanna Wilding
Lighting Designer: Ben Robb Wardrobe: Helen Taylor
Properties: Emma Flatters Stage Manager: Tim Simmons
Make Up: Elizabeth Castro Choreographer: Katherine Redmond
Assistant Production Manager: Jeremy Davis Chief Set Constructor: Ian Downey
Costume Team: Frances Anderson Lighting: Ben Robb
Elizabeth Castro Chris Drayton
Alasdair King Wigs: Helen Taylor
Invisible Man Frank Stapleton: Front of House Manager: Claire Capel
Orchestra Manager: Frances Anderson Ticket Sales: Claire Capel
Rehearsal Accompanist: Mike Harris Photography: Julia Webb
Poster Design: Jeremy Davis Mike Harris
Programme Editor: Peter England Programme Artwork: Pierre Angleterre
(thanks Fran, Claire and Hannah) Set Construction: Rob (Dougal)
Stage Crew: Marcus Tinsley Alasdair King
Andy Biggs James Cameron
David Iveson Paul Muscat
Andrea Gollings David Golden
Josephine Thompson Belinda-Jane Wells
Andy Biggs Nicola Moss
David Iveson Helen Cummings
David Golden Andrew Gill
Andrew Gill Emma Bradshaw
Colin Cassidy Colin Cassidy
Matt Lees Matt Lees
Chris Drayton Front of House Team: Julia Webb
Nigel "Big Ben" Machin Darren Curtis
Ruarri Scott
Ruth Hardy
George Dickie
Andrea Gollings
Josephine Thompson
Michael Watkins
Stephen Hoare


The 1997 production of Iolanthe was done in fairly traditional costume - the fairies were lucky enough to sport attractive white leotards, white net skirts, gold net wings and - of course - white tights and black plimsolls, while the Peers wore red capes, knee breeches, wigs, and a variety of alarming facial expressions. Strephon wore a particularly attractive blonde curly wig (making him look strangely like Ian the MD), Private Willis had a traditional soldier's uniform and comedy fake moustache, Iolanthe wore flowing blue shimmery things (and at one point wellies) and the Fairy Queen matched the female chorus in a frankly fantastic dress of white and gold with ENORMOUS wings. All terribly attractive, you might think. However, any subtlety of costume was completely destroyed by the blatant use of props to steal the show. No names will be mentioned here - it is enough to say that giving the male chorus ear trumpets, dodgy magazines and walking sticks was asking for some outrageous overacting, and that wands, mirrors and the like can become deadly weapons in the hands of the female chorus.


A Word clipart of a fairy in front of a picture of Big Ben
The programme cover