front cover of the programme

MUGSS 1996




Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd (disguised as Robin Oakapple)...Justin Morley
Richard Dauntless (his foster brother, a sailor)...Rob Prince
Sir Despard Murgatroyd (current Baronet of Ruddigore)...Richard Blight
Gideon Crawle (Robin's valet)...Rob Garson
Rose Maybud(a twee young village maiden)...Dawn Furness
Mad Margaret...Sarah Vandevelde
Hannah (Rose's Aunt)...Hannah Dutton
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd (the late twenty-first Baronet of Ruddigore)...Dave Bolton
Zorah (professional bridesmaid)...Louise Ratcliffe
Gladys (professional bridesmaid)
...Zoe Schofield


Linda Matkin
Zoe Schofield
Lara Welch
Katy Schmit
Kristina Hodgson
Lindsy O'Reilly
Sarah King
Louise Ratcliffe
Emma Massey
Katherine Redmond
Sara Duncan
Alison Brown
Dena Grabinar
Joanne Taylor
Faye Willingale
Georgina Muller
Aimee Asbaugh
Carrie Farrand
Helen Sloman
Sally Gout
Emma Wyley
Elizabeth Attlmayr
Louisa Ersanilli
Emma Skelley
Alison Durkin
Julia Roper
Louise Chastney
Vanessa Bates
Becky Jeremy
Alexander Jones
Phil Ashworth
Ron Haselgrove
James Lowther
Jim Symcox
Tim Vernon
Jonathon Rallings
Cleanthous Solonas
Matt Baker
James Cameron
Paul Coley
Ryan Ellershaw
Richard Evans
David W. Jacobsen
Stuart Johnston
William O'Brien
Kieran Reynolds
Eli Verth
Neil McKett
Phil Ashworth
Matt Baker
Stuart Johnston
James Lowther
Neil McKett
William O'Brien
Jim Symcox
Eli Verth


Chairman - Rob Garson Chairman - Matt Baker
Treasurer - Stuart Johnston Treasurer - Stephan Tinsley
Secretary - Richard Blight Secretary - Allison MacKenzie
Social Secretary - Justin Morley
Marketing - Louise Chastney and Lara Welch
Ordinaries - Louisa Ersanilli
Julia Webb
Allison MacKenzie


Musical Director: Joel Thomas Director: John Simmonds
Production Manager: Susanna Wilding, Designer: Guy Green
Caroline Marriott Wardrobe: Steph Tinsley
Properties: Julia Webb Stage Manager: Louise Carson
Allison MacKenzie Chief Set Constructor: Jim Reay
Assistant Production Manager: Rob Brown Lighting Designer: John Andress
Costume Team: Wendy Ben Assistant Stage Managers: Susanna Wilding, Ian Downey
Marcus Tinsley Andrew Gill
Helen Moon Front of House: Claire Capel, Steph Tinsley
Orchestra Manager: Frances Anderson Ticket Sales: Al Thompson
Rehearsal Accompanist: Mike Harris FOH Photography: Mike Harris
Publicity Design: Justin Morley Star of Tools: Matt Holker
Programme Design and Production: Pete from MMG Design Advertising: Lara Welch, Louise Chastney
Weapons Master: Matt Baker Man From Del Monte: Frank Stapleton
Make Up: Allison MacKenzie Set Construction: George Dickey
Stage Crew: Guy Green Claire Capel
Julia Webb Josephine Thompson
Allison MacKenzie Tim Simmons
Tim Simmons Paul Muscat
Josephine Thompson Andrew Gill
Paul Muscat Ruarri Scott
Ruarri Scott Belinda-Jane Wells
Belinda-Jane Wells James Cameron
Nicola Moss Colin Cassidy
James Cameron Rob Brown
Colin Cassidy Louise Carson
Andy Biggs Andy Biggs
Jeremy Davis Jeremy Davis
Steve Hoare Matt Holker
Helen Cummings Matt Baker
Justin Morley
Stuart Johnston
Julia Webb
Guy Green


Programme cover by Justin Morley, an evil-looking castle on a hill.
The programme cover

Act One, and all looks good for Robin Oakapple (Justin Morley) and Rose Maybud (Dawn Furness)

The arrival of Dick Dauntless (Rob Prince) throws a spanner in the works...

... and he is soon wooing Rose for himself!

Act Two, and Robin Oakapple has become Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd, supported by his loyal manservant Gideon Crawle (Rob Garson)

Robin's descent into villainy has freed Sir Despard Murgatroyd (Richard Blight) and Mad Margaret (Sarah Vandevelde) from their tyranny of evil.

Hannah (Hannah Dutton) berates Robin for having her kidnapped by mistake.

The Ghostly Ancestors threaten Robin with Doom if he fails to do evil.