front cover of the programme

MUGSS 1989



Cast (in order of appearance)

Dame Hannah (Rose's Aunt)Helen Bloxham
Zorah (professional bridesmaid)Una Monaghan
Rose Maybud(a twee young village maiden)Amanda Gedge
Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd(disguised as Robin Oakapple)Howard Atkinson
Gideon Crawle (Robin's valet)John Simmonds
Richard Dauntless(his foster brother, a sailor)Richard Sullivan
Mad MargaretJackie Smith
Sir Despard Murgatroyd (current Baronet of Ruddigore)Kevin Glass
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd (the late twenty-first Baronet of Ruddigore)Nick James
GhostsDave Bolton, Giles Dean, Damian Isaacs, Richard Lowe, Chris Martin, Maxbwell Phelps, George Longman
The Vicar of RederringRon Haselgrove


Wendy Bailey, Leela Baksi, Kathryn Bethune, Judith Bradshaw, Emma Campbell, Janet Chamberlain, Samantha Cramp, Harriet de Swiet, Rebecca Evans, Antonia Gainsborough, Helen Gibson, Nicola Greenwood, Sue Hagan, Ruth Hinton, Elaine Howarth, Jane Iddles, Anna Jones, Katherine Jones, Amanda Laing, Whimsy Meara, Katie Mitchell, Anne Moore, Eirnear McCann, Anna McDermot, Deidre McGurk, Helen McVittie, Claire Nowell, Jenny Owen, Caroline Parker, Lucy Robertson, Sarah Sallows, Penny Simpson, Joanna Thomson, Lorraine Warren, Elaine Whiteman, Joanne Woods, Alison Wright, Alison Young


Chris Ainley, Mike Ashworth, Phil Ashworth, Dave Bolton, David Burden, Giles Dean, Tim Golden, Ron Haselgrove, Mike Harris, George Longman, Damian Isaacs, Mark Johnson, Doug Killen, Richard Lowe, Chris Martin, Brian McIndoe, Joseph Michaels, Maxwell Phelps, Jim Symcox, Keiran Taylor-Thomas, Jeremy Trevis


Social Secretaries

Publicity Officer
Claire Nowell
Amanda Cowan
Amanda Gedge
Tamsin Collison
Kevin Glass
Howard Atkinson
Sue Bird
Richard Lowe


Director Jackie Smith
Musical Director Ewan Anderson
Designer David Burns
Orchestra Manager Richard Lowe
Accompanists Mike Harris, Richard Lowe
Lighting Mandy Startup
Properties Keiran Taylor-Thomas
Front of House Sue Bird, Jeff Laing and team
Stage Manager Stephen Oliver
Assistant Stage Manager Tracy Neil
Choreography Assistants Helen Bloxham, Colette Johnston
Costumes Lorraine Warren
Wardrobe Assistants Amanda Cowan, Anne Cowan
Display Photography John Baxter
Programme Editor Howard Atkinson
Rag Secretary Carol Mapleston
Business Manager Jeff Laing
Programme Photography Mike Harris
Poster Design David Burns

Grateful thanks to the following for their help with all aspects of the production:
Chris Ainley, Imogen Bridgeman, Tamsin Collinson, Contact Theatre, Jo Davis, Ingvild Hvedling, Jim Lawless, Manchester University Drama Department, Carol Mapleston, Mr Mulholland and the staff of the Renold Theatre, Sarah Parfitt, Heather Pheonix, The Royal Northern College of Music, Fiona Skillern, Karl Spencer, Vicky Smith, Jo Harvey, Zoe Morris, Debbie McAndrew, Sheila Mazwinder, Joe Cammilleri, Tamsin Little and especially Mauric White, who has kindly bought the Society a set of carpentry tools for set-building.


The male chorus photo from the programme.

Has anybody a marriage today?

The villagers assemble.