MUGSS 1976

The Yeomen of the Guard

or The Merryman And His Maid
Performed at The Renold Theatre, UMIST


Phoebe Meryll (Sergeant Meryll's daughter)
Liz Chapman
Wilfred Shadbolt (Head jailer & Assistant tormenter)
John Fryett
First Yeoman
Alan Carlisle
Dame Carruthers (Housekeeper of the Tower)
Janet Wunderley
Sergeant Meryll (of the Yeomen of the Guard)
Howard Totty
Leonard Meryll (his son)
Ian Hamilton
Colonel Fairfax (under sentence of death)
Andrew Lane
Sir Richard Cholmondeley (Lieutenant of the Tower)
David Marshall
Jack Point (a strolling jester)
David Formstone
Elsie Maynard (a strolling singer)
Susan Johnson
A citizen
Stephen Hale
The Headsman
Ian Turner
Kate (the niece of Dame Carruthers)
Hilary Bastow
Yeomen and Citizens
Nicholas Gibbs, Stephen Hale, Mike Harris, John Humphreys, Peter Mitchell, Steve Moore, Colin Price, Richard de Ste Croix, James Symcox, Gavin Willis, Mark Yonge
Alison Bastow, Rosemary Beeson, Catherine Brierley, Veronica Clark, Christine Fenn, Carole Higgins, Debra Johnson, Christine Johnston, Deborah Jones, Tamara Lepp, Nancy Lofting, Patricia Lord, Marion Lumb, Maeve McHugh, Patricia Needham, Christina Rocca, Ann Shaw, Valerie Swift, Laura Thompson, Sue Tilley


Marjorie Holt
Musical Director
John E. Bethell
Orchestra Manager
Ian Lucus
Chorus Master
Alan Carlisle
David Littley, Mike Harris
Stage Manager
Michael Kahn
Assistant Stage Manager
Philip Carnelly
Lighting Manager
James Currall
Wardrobe Supervisor
Sarah Beare
Wardrobe Mistress
Helen Burkett
Make-up Supervisors
Pamela Marshall, Janine Roebuck
Property Mistress
Cora-Louise Walker
Front of House Manager
David Littley
Business Manager
Colin Price
Publicity Manager
Patricia Needham
Programme Compilers
Nick Gibbs, Deborah Jones, Patricia Needham
Cover Design
Barry Purves
Programme Photographs
David Littley


Deborah Jones
Nick Gibbs
Publicity Officer
Patricia Needham
Social Secretary
Lyndsay Wynne
Ordinary Members
John Humphreys, Nigel Story
David Marshall


The Chairman's Page

On behalf of myself and my committee, I would like to welcome you all to this year's production of 'The Yeomen of the Guard'.
As you will no doubt be pleased to hear, in the light of current events, we have resisted all temptation to rename our production - 'The Yeopersons of the Guard' (or The Merryperson and his Person) and have relied on the wealth of talent in the Society and shear excellence of Musical and Dramatic production to provide enjoyment for our audience.
We gratefully welcome back this year, John Bethell as Musical Director who, despite a long and serious illness, has been the driving force behind the musical development of the Society, and Marjorie Holt as Producer who, after far too long an absence, has repeated her successes of previous years with the Society, and we all hope that we will be able to cement our relationship with them to provide even greater successes in years to come.
Thanks must also go to our backstage and front-of-house staff who work tirelessly night after night, seemingly without the reward of your applause. We only hope they realise that this must be shared equally between them and those onstage.
It only remains for me to thank you, the audience, for supporting our Society once again, and know that you will enjoy your evening with us as never before.


Complete recordings of this show (and all from 1964 onwards) can be purchased on CD from Mike Harris, our Society Archivist