1972 Princess Ida


King Hildebrand
John Bowden
Philip Bingham
Alan Carlisle
Kevin Jones
King Gama
Ian Hamilton
Nigel Sheldon
Garetn Millward
Philip Sweet
Princess Ida
Rosalind Griffiths
Lady Blanche
Liz Chapman
Lady Psyche
Janet Wunderley
Pamela Searle
Hilary Bestow
Clare Price-Smith
Elizabeth Parkes
Ladies of the Chorus
Marie Barter, Margot Blackburn, Penelope Currall, Gywn Griffiths, Brenda Hardman, Ann Harris, Nora Kelly, Marion Lamb, Marry McBratney, Gillian McDonought, Hellen Miller, Joyce Ogden, Hulia Sturrock, Gill Wright
Gentlemen of the Chorus
Rupert Bottomley, Eric Franklin, Mike Harris, Neil Hewett, John Humphreys, Michael Langord, Michael Lean, James Ogden, Don Pettengill, Anthony Royle


Marjorie Holt
Musical Director
John E. Bethell
Stage Manager
Paul Robinson
Assistant Stage Manager
Alan Wagstaff, Peter Spencer
Lighting Manager
David Evans, Joyce Ogden
Jean Corfield
Make-Up Assistants
Sally Horn, Jenny Heslop
Front of House Manager
David Littley
Tickets Secretary
Michael Lean
Programme Photographs
Paul Robinson, Eric Franklin
Cover Design
Eric Franklin
Society Accompanists
Mike Harris, David Littley



In the event of a power failure patrons are requested to remain seated until directed to move by one of the stewards.

Chairman's Page

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to this, our twenty-fifth anniversary production. "Princess Ida" is probably the most ambitious show we have ever staged and we hope it will be our most successful too. Our producer this year, Marjorie Holt, is a newcomer to the society, whilst our musical director makes a welcome return after six years.
Though 1972 is our Silver Jubilee year our continued existence has recently been threatened by possible future legislation concerning Students Unions. Should the proposals become law, we should lose one of our principal sources of income. May I therefore bring to your attention our patronage scheme?
Patrons receive a ticket for the show on the night of their choice, their names appear in the programme and they are sent frequent news of other society activities - all this for an annual fee of 1 pound (or more if anyone should feel so generous!) Further details can be obtained from the Society Secretary via the University Union.
In conclusion I hope sincerely that you will enjoy the show as much as we have enjoyed its rehearsal.
Philip Swee


Complete recordings of this show (and all from 1964 onwards) can be purchased on CD from Mike Harris, our Society Archivist