MUGSS 1968

The Yeomen of the Guard


Phoebe Meryll
Margaret Brailsford
Wilfred Shadbolt
John Bowden
Dame Carruthers
Liz Howell
Sergeant Meryll
Gordon Webb
Leonard Meryll
Ian Hamilton
Colonel Fairfax
Steven Hodkinson
Sir Richard Cholmondeley
Geoff Brailsford
Jack Point
Barry Thorpe
Elsie Maynard
Jane Richards
Margaret Mercer
1st Yeoman
Ian Hamilton
2nd Yeoman
Mike Dudley
Joe Osuntuji
Ladies Chorus
Rosa Atkinson, Margaret Bamber, Elinor Barnes, Shirley Bullock, Brenda Cannel, Maire Casey, Liz Chapman, Glenys Coleman, Liz Felstead, Beatrice Frock, Cathie Hancox, Brenda Hardman, Ann Harris, Christine Hayes, Liz Howells, Linda Isles, Heather Jones, Helen Laird, Diane Lambert, Judy Lomaz, Pamela Mayoh, Jenny Nash, Carol Nicholls, Denise Pawson, Lynda Rhodes, Annette Ridgway, Jenny Smith, Rosemary Stace, Carol Taylor, Liz Thornton, Chris Trotman, Jennifer Walker, Janet Wunderley
Yeoman's Chorus
Alan Carlisle, Peter Hall, Alan Hayes, Simon Holland, John Humphreys, Mike James, Tony Wagg, Richard Way, Peter Wiles
Citizen's Chorus
Tim Dowley, Mike Harris, Graham Jellis, Ian Johnson, Mike Langford, Chas. Mee, Bob Standing, Ian Tovey


Cliff Walker
Musical Director
Keith Hoskinson
Stage Manager
David Barlow
Assistant Stage Manager
Barbara Gross
David Littley, Mike Harris
Ticket Secretary
Christine Taylor
House Manager
John Amis
Geoff Sams
Gaynor Williams
Programme Photos
Mike Harris


The opera was first produced at the Savooy Theatre on October 3rd, 1888, where it ran for 423 performances. The preceding opera, "Ruddigore", had been a comparative failure, so it was necessary to produce a new one quickly. At first the partners could not agree on the libretto, then Gilbert produced a new plot, which, it is said, came to him after seeing an advertisement illustrating a "Beefeater".
For this opera Gilbert wrote the most realistic and human of all his plots, and Sullican composed a score approaching serious opera in places. Despite this departure from their stock in trade, the "Yeoman" has always been a favourite, and Gilbert afterwards declared it his best work.
Again this year we present an original production and have departed from traditional D'Oyly Carte lines. At the same time, we have included every word and note the partners wrote, including the controversial "Rapture, Rapture" duet, and Wilfred's song from Act I. This last was never scored by Sullivan as it was rejected on the grounds that it may offend Victorian taste. Keith Hoskinson has arranged another authentic Sullivan theme for this solo: one from the overture "Di Ballo". (What is good enough for the Mackerras and "Pineapple Roll" is good enough for us!).


Complete recordings of this show (and all from 1964 onwards) can be purchased on CD from Mike Harris, our Society Archivist